Buffalino Italian Restaurant

We love Italy, we enjoy loud get-togethers of friends and family at a big table, we relish wine and, of course, we adore Italian cuisine!

Now you have still more reasons to fall in love in Italian cuisine over and over again! You don’t have to go far to taste Italian cheese, deli meats and authentic pizza made in a wood fired oven. IN BUFFALINO, under the watchful eye of our executive chef Mark Verbitskiy, we cook all the dishes with our own hands: from pizza and pasta dough, cheeses to sauces and bread.

BUFFALINO means family traditions and hospitality, cordiality and comfort. Here you can start your day with the pure Italian savor for BREAKFAST and celebrate a big day and make a  Birthday party at -20%discount on the menu of food.

You can feel the air of Italy in each dish here, and it is delightful whether it is pasta or risotto, meat or poultry, pizza or focaccia, fish or seafood, feed-the-team offers and delicious desserts, cheeses, bruschetta bar and antipasti, your favorite appetizers and light salads – you can feel the air of Italy in each dish here, and it is delightful!

BUFFALINO is proud of ITS OWN CHEESE DAIRY based in the restaurant, where we make the best Italian cheeses according to the traditional formulations: soft ones — Mozzarella, Stracciatella, Ricotta, Burrata, and ripened ones — Caciotta, Gouda, Cheddar and Camembert.

There is a special cheese room in BUFFALINO for ripened cheeses, where you can watch the process of cheese ripening and choose the cheese you like to take away.

BUFFALINO is very passionate about DOUGH: we bake fresh fragrant bread; we make pizza in a wood fired oven and more than ten sorts of home-made pasta with our own hands as well.

Time spent with your family is invaluable. BUFFALINO cares for its little guests: we have a special  KIDS’ MENU and KIDS’ PLAY AREAS. And on weekends we give a variety of fascinating master classes and book a babysitter and entertainers.

BUFFALINO is pleased to cater to big loud get-togethers: a perfect reason  TO CELEBRATE A BIRTHDAY  at -20% discount on the menu of food or any other special event. Spacious rooms for big and small get-togethers, wonderful vibes and live music on Saturday. It is just the time to plan a small or grand celebration in Italian style!


DELIVERY of your favorite Italian dishes from BUFFALINO!
Italian dishes are to the point anytime and anywhere!
BUFFALINO presents you with a nice discount -15% for take-away meals or a free delivery — choose online on the Tarantino-family.com!
We take orders over the phone  0442308888 or online